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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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At its institute

The system developed for patients, Daman laterapplied and in work with healthy children.Teacherit was sure that the human potential is huge,even at early age of children it is possible very manyto teach.At its institute children of two, three, four yearsalready started to read, excellently mastered mathematics,became the real erudites.Exceptthat, they developed and physically well floated,ran, jumped.Creative possibilities of these childrenappeared are so wide that Daman calledtheir children of the Renaissance.In fact, the teacher becamefounder of ideas of early development of children,having made socalled soft revolution, whichit began to be applied in many families.

The children's furniture

We infrequently reflect on that,that our house is equipped under adults and to the childnot easy to find interesting its subjects.The children's furniture is desirable for selecting on the size,besides, it should not be heavy thenthe child can move it itself.Surelyspecial nurseries a table and a chair, for which are necessarythe child will be engaged, the shelf for storageall necessary.It is necessary to take care and of, thatthe child could get independently not onlythe manuals, but also sanitary products and houseuse.Paste, a brush, soap it is desirableto put so that to the kid it was easy to getthem without the aid of adults.


If you let to the child know that similar actions do not lead to achievement of the desirable purpose, the kid will cease to cry and shout.In some situations learn not to pay to the child of attention.Sometimes it happens the best solution of a question.The child can quicker cease to shout and cry, if nearby there are no the people, trying him to calm.Presence of the audience and sympathizing only strengthens crying of the kid.Be not overzealous.When you react excessively strictly, the kid can remember your reaction to his behavior.It can incorrectly interpret current situation and apprehend your unusual reaction as an award for an act at the child there can be a desire again to repeat those actions which caused in you rough indignation.

Memory of a stress

Fortunately for them, inventedtypewriters and computers.I know people who even write the personal diary on the computer.Memory of a stress can be attached even to a certain letter or figure.It can be a letter of a stressful name or figure.You are six years old, and you same confused as your father, speaks mother.If all this is accompanied by rough emotions and repeats several times, figure will cause further a stress.The child, seeing this figure, will lose ability to operate with it in calculations.Or it will not be simple to consider it, solving problems.Further, having become adults, it will start to pass this figure.

In integrated

And it depends on internal lifting of the person, from it chuvstvitelnost, from that, the feeling of collective is how developed in it.Connection under the influence of a herd instinct gives is nothing not integralny interaction.The crowd united by the general slogan, being torn to any animal purpose is not integrated community.In integrated community people unite to find property of mutual return, connection, a unification.Each of them pripodnitoils over the egoism and incorporates to the others contrary to the vnuto trenny, dense natural rushes.Them does not move desire of personal filling because it never let's to them incorporate among themselves.

I remind forces

And the more the better for both.I remind forces of nature render on us the vliyato scientific research institute even if our sense organs cannot distinguish it.The electricity, solar energy, radiation mobile those is – here only small particle of the phenomena, influence to tory we ascertain, but we do not feel.Similar obrazy in the nature the most powerful factors of development, though hidden from our feelings, but very effective are put.Coming back by the pregnancy period make a favor, it is less than policy and problems, but it is as much as possible pozi and kind development of the person in harmony with an environment.

In one of the books

CONDITIONS FOR independenceNikitinykh confirms experience parents shouldto try to surround children such environment and such MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONsystem of the relations which would stimulatethe most various creative activity and graduallywould develop in them that in thisthe moment it is capable to develop most effectively.In one of the books Boris Pavlovich wroteWhen our firstborn was born, we simply rejoicedto it also liked each free minute to bewith it to play, talk, look at it and to be surprisedto all.He sneezed It frowned He smiledBut soon to this parental pleasure increasedcuriosity.Why he cries differentlyWhy it becomes intense when you takehis cool hands Why it resiststo putting on of caps Etc.

Today Nikitinykh

Really, it seemed improbable the radiatinghealth nikitinsky children barefoot ran onto snow; carried out the dizzy gymnasticexercises on selfmade shells; to three to four years mastered reading and mathematics elements;excitedly played in thought up by Boris Pavlovichselfmade logic games and thought outthe new; having hardly gone to school, at once overcameprograms of the senior school students.Today Nikitinykh quite often reproach thattheir children, despite earlier development, did not becomegreat scientists, outstanding persons.Pier, whether it was necessary to break a spear In reply supportersteachers say what first of all to accuseNikitinykh, and system to which are not necessary follows notwere neither child prodigies, nor simply independent, independentlyconceiving people.

– Tried not to lead

She triedto restrain, but unsuccessfully.– We left, – she told at last, and in its big gla tears began to shine.– Tried not to lead up to a gap, butit was any more that.Destiny sneer before Marina's arrival we just beliefs from a golden wedding of mine of the grandfather and the grandmother.As allit was simple in days of old! People met, took awayshort time to the period of courtings and that is called wentunder a wreath.And then gave birth to children and lived together all life.Unrealizable, on our times, a pastoral …Marine and Alyosha joined a long line of oursacquaintances who left the REGISTRY OFFICE with a tick in the column time vedenny.

And here other

Here very beautiful, thick book but after all on pictures one ducks, though in different options.And words, which yours the child can tell, looking at this, a page, only two water and a cane.And here other option in the book only that is passed for a long time.Here all the same moon, water, house, smoke, pipe, dog.anything new.Your work on the book allows the child to get and fix everything new and new knowledge.Development of separate episodes of the fairy tale under a miscellaneous point of view, in all new and new aspects and options gives it possibility considerably to expand the representations.

The child

is very much horoshy in Toronto and in Montreal, in Canada.I know, it is simple because I have there grandsons, and I together with them visit these places.if there are such museums in other cities and possibility of their visit, it is very good.The child comes, you make any experiment, see any phenomenon, it for start up, observe that occurs.Probably, it is shown any not predictable paradox of the nature, and then we receive an explanation – whyit so in the nature occurs.Children write down it, and here – they have a physics lesson.

Practically, the family

To sozhalea niya, we not as far as it is important for the child.Practically, the family in a broad sense grandmothers and de nice fellows, aunts and uncles … is world model in which we live.All remember a children's riddle about hundred clothes – here and the world settles down round the child layers in the center he, and around, everything is farther – parents, brothers and sisters, grandmothers and grandfathers, cousins and cousins, native uncles and aunts.However these circles are not limited family a frame , they proceed and further.Thus, communities the nost is implanted in our nature.And consequently children should know and feel that, besides parents, round themthere are other people who too care of them and podder them on vital .

Optimum term

It gives it such illumination in life for the sake of which he is ready to accept any egoistichesky internal rushes and to overcome them.Optimum term –all free time – That this system gained mass character, it is possible to use the Internet.But it is interesting to find forms, that people whom it is constant obshcha on the Internet also met alive.These camp can be that mesty where children from all over the world which communicate among themselves on the Internet, could gather and communicate already physically.What duration of these meetings will be expedient – the week, two, month Perhaps, all summer – It depends on possibilities, but it is better for longer term.

The injured

Burns of children of early age and newborns are extremely lifethreatening.Burns can arise at contacts to a flame, an electricity or chemicals when children remain without supervision of adults.Allocate three degrees of burns.DEGREES OF BURNS First degree of a burn.Skin blankets are surprised.The injured skin becomes red, edematous.Second degree of a burn.There is a damage of deep layers of skin.On skin there are the bubbles filled with liquid.Third degree of a burn.All layers of skin, including hypodermic cellulose are damaged.

They believe

Development and training occurs always while the person is live.Every moment life changes.Our life is improved and becomes complicated.There are all new means.People, the requirements shown to you on work change, all changes.Each person should be retrained constantly and .For quite some time now people start to speak To me already late to study, I and so I will live.They believe that training is necessary only on work, but after all in a life constantly there are changes.You go by city transport, and it changes.

You will

But all this falls on time to postpone.Be not under a delusion with that circumstance that your child loves, that to it read.We should not the book, we aspire to to that it was clear.The library of the kid to you should be made so that books in it consistently fixed and supplemented the passable material according to system of your occupations.Selection of books in this case it, in essence, selection of textbooks, and you assume role of their founder.You will buy now books not how earlier.You will involve not only elegant editions you will look through the book and define, whether is in it the suitable pictures illustrating over what you work, can whether you, looking at them, to compose own fairy tale, as far as the text of the book it is convenient for an adaptirovaniye.

Support from

During this period the feeling of true love is substituted for a timeEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONanimal sex.At school and college of the girl of this age start to hesitate of the purity.Some of them are proud that lost virginity.It is a shame to another that they cannot tell about it still.Support from parents is necessary.If teenagers see the cordial, tender relations between parents, warmth and care manifestation, will build the relationship with contemporaries on the same model.

To mato the lenky

Imposing to the child unreal istoriya, we will cripple him reason and we bend logic, at all on ripening that these illusions remain with it on all life as the relation to the world.certainly, it is necessary to acquaint children with lifeless, rastitelny and fauna, but only in a true look.To mato the lenky child it is necessary to belong as to malento whom to the person instead of as to the inhabitant of imaginary reality where animals talk and are in fantastic otnosheni with each other.This approach – a consequence of our sanctimonious world and all possible nelepitsa whom the mankind imagines to itself in the millennia.


It is possible to change clothes in adult clothes,which is combined in a special basket, or to dohairdress in front of the mirror.All this is possible.Anotherbusiness the general atmosphere of the working day.Didactic material not without reason he lived withoutchanges already whole century! grasps childrenso that they prefer to put on the region MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONrug the doll and to spread here the decimalsystem from beads.In the independent freeto work the small child daily materializesnatural need for complication of the feelings,actions and concentration of attention.

Besides, children

The simplest way to help the sensitive child to buy only natural products, including clothes, and to limit or exclude from the use harmful chemicals, detergents, plasticity .item.Besides, children are exclusively sensitive to thoughts and emotions.Therefore the more you are counterbalanced, the better both for you, and for your child.Irrespective of, you speak with each other or not, between you there is a strong mental communication.You a part of a single whole and consequently any thoughts and feelings of one of you directly influence another.

All of them

All of them are different, my pupils, and all of them typical .Vitalik, Vanya K.and simply Vanya, Grisha, Fiona, Kolya children, occupations with which laid down in a basis of this book.You already met them on the previous pages and for certain will find in someone from them similarity to the own kid.Also know everything to that these children learned to speak, read, to argue, think out fairy tales and to dictate diaries and letters can and your child too.I did not make any selection there was no case that I refused to be engaged with someone from children, having declared the child incapable, not trainee, uncontrollable.

– years judgment

distinctive features of age GROUPS as the school should look, we on try to get accustomed now to age groups and to place in each of them accents, not obkhodimy in order that children developed the abilities adequate as much as possible fullyto this period.– years judgment and analysisIn relation to itself and to another the child who has been brought up by a described technique from kindergarten, represents material from which it is possible for le to drink future person.According to psychology, at the age from till years in malenthe lump the person occurs considerable change – an exit from itself in society.

Chicken pox this

Chicken pox What is such.Chicken pox this seldom meeting disease at small children.Usually with chicken pox children of school age fall ill.However kids too can catch, if in their immediate environment there are children of school age, patients with chicken pox.Chicken pox this vysokokontagiozny disease which is shown in days after infection.Symptoms of chicken pox include body temperature increase, fast fatigue, appetite loss.Symptoms of a disease are brightly expressed at the first o'clock after an onset of the illness and are present within threefour days.

Thatat the kid speech, was normally

Thirdly, if to use when training onlycards, with signatures, at the childthe text thinking ability independently is not formedto read or to listen and to analyzethe text to receive necessary information.Thatat the kid speech, was normally developed in timethin functions of interpretation were createdthe text, it is necessary for it to listen as much as possiblefairy tales, songs, verses, and they not always shouldto be accompanied by pictures, that a brain of the kidlearned to complete the visual independentlya row to the text.Mother should play surely with itin traditional poteshka, pestushka and fingertypegames.

During the last

The imagination blossoms, dreams everything become more courageous and all this only to open before us the next side of life though the majority of us, unfortunately, sees only pale reflection of reality.So, upon return of from Bulgaria the adventure with children psychics for me only began, and I did not guess at all where conducts .Soon I learned that this Bulgarian monastery is not unique.During the last at least twenty years educators, scientists and even the governments of many countries realized that modern children possess sharper and deep perception, than former.We call them small psychics or Indigo children, however any definitions and a framework for them are close.

The fear which

Many of them even are sure that ghosts do not exist and the child invents everything.The fear which is inspired by adults the disbelief to the child, operates more strongly and more painfully, than a rough word or simply inattentive relation to it from parents.Many parents, making the child silent, even frighten it of hospital.If you speak about it, you will count as the madwoman and will take away in hospital, speaks mother the girl who tells about a being whom saw in a room corner.However many adults of children intimidated, those continue everything to see, and it forces them to become reserved and lose faith in the help, understanding and care of parents.

Winds are not present, birdies

What it for a gold shoe The girl malicious nearly did not chop off a finger.Mother told Chop off a finger, and all, you will become the queen, it is not necessary to you to go on foot.Only on the carriage!.Goodbye, Vasya.On a visit Olechka today will come, it is carried by the father, it and on giving comes always.Write the answer.Grisha.January Hi, Vasya! Weather at us good.Winds are not present, birdies fly, the frost is not present.Children go for a drive on on skis, on skates.


– And how to work – It should individually and together with other instructors to carry out work on to treat the world integralno.Integralno – means, in the relation to the world I do not divide people on any external signs.I recognize that they are correctly created, – and I too! – also it is necessary to connect all of us correctly, and then all on shines brightly truly.Because in any person, with any inclinations, under condition of them praviluse foot, you will see that there is in it nothing harmful.

Bronkhiola it is the smallest

Pathogenic microorganisms concern them bacteria, viruses, mushrooms.Bronchial tubes two main right and left a bronchial tube depart from a trachea, in a lung fabric bronchial tubes share at first on share, and then on the segmentary.The DICTIONARY of MEDICAL TERMS the summer continue to share on smaller bronchial tubes, forming a bronchial tree of the right and left lungs.Bronkhiola it is the smallest extent of division of bronchial tubes.Bronkhoskop the device which is used for survey of a trachea and bronchial tubes.With the help delete foreign matters from a trachea and bronchial tubes.Vaccines the medical preparations, which introduction in a human body development of heavy forms of infectious diseases warns.

The unique

With this tseI pour it is necessary to bring up in a circle of children questions, which pozvo to them from time to time to discuss among themselves the varioussubjects of key character.the unique distinction which should be felt between the tutor and children, consists that the tutor, osno on the experience, can tell a little more about their general way to love and return.Thus, near the senior companion the child receives an example of the following step to which he should aspire.Having become the highgrade partner on a way to the real, big purpose, the instructor installs confidence and genuine pride in the pupils.

Here remember, that

On others the tutor tells fairy tales,short stories from the Bible.In the autumn children all together examine fruitand vegetables, taste them, learn to grind grainand to knead dough.In the winter study properties of water, kindlingover a candle snow, or the Christmas studysongs.Here celebrate birthdayschildren and other important events.Here remember,that someone from children fell ill or it is necessary to someonenot so pleasant campaign to the dentist.Fifteen minutes of the general circle find roompersonal problems of children calendar, history, geoMontessori's method grafiya, biology, mathematics and literature, pantomimeand theater.

Naive triumphs

on a bath also smiles to youand.naive triumphs from the story about orphans Oder each tutor; these cases confusenoncritical conceiving moralists that is supposedly easy.The potboiler is glad , ambitious attributesmerit to itself, and the impudent fellow annoys that so leaves not always;one want to achieve everywhere similar results, withdrew chivy a belief dose, others pressing.Except children only polluted, meet and about ears and wounds; chipped wounds do not leave scars andare tightened under a pure bandage; that the fragmentary began to livewounds, it is necessary to wait more lon remain painfulhems; they cannot be touched.Scabs and ulcers demand pain shy diligence and patience.

Well, than

And plants drink it.To argue Grisha at all away.Well, than we will be engaged I ask it.That you prefer to read, fairy tales to compose, to dictate the letter or we with you we will simply sit, we will have a talk, let's argue We will argue.Y.Chto would tell people if the cat suddenly starts talking G of R and and.She would tell why I was silent all the time yes was silent Y.Chto would be made by sellers and buyers if the shop included an elephant with elephant calves G of R and and.They would go for a drive on elephants, both everything would get, and would beat toys.

To tear

Using the received paper lumps, it is possible to play in snowballs.To tear paper development of correlating movements of hands, hvataniye development.Offer the child to break off on slices or strips sheets of paper or old newspapers follows to explain, it is possible what to tear only unnecessary paper.Show, properly to grasp fingers of both hands a standard sheet, and then to tear it, having pulled hands in different parties.Using the received paper slices, it is possible to play in Autumn leaves.

Why to say that

The year Belief learned purely, accurately, sonorously to say a word milk and so to it it was glad that o shouted Milk! everyone time when it asked what is it, pointing to sausage, bread, candies and not because did not see a difference.Why to say that not absolutely it turns out, when so well there is a word milk All praise, congratulate, admire! Any samples patterns, groups, blocks of words, which child learns also which first serve as a point of support, the starting moment in this case rd person of the singular crust..verbs to sit, lie to stand, speak with nouns in accusative, genitive and prepositional cases help it to structure and design the speech.

Features of work

My own at sorts pushes me all to chain and force them to do what wanted by me.And it besides that the person himself does not know, that he wants.Features of work of the actor For the actor, on the contrary, it is important to learn from other people, it is important to manage at the properties to them and to accompany of.And it at all does not belittle the person.On the contrary, so it incorporates to an environment and rises by level above.The person studies people and comes nearer to them, becomes capable to be with them in the correct communication.

When you realize

His soul calls for it.To imagine means again to become the child.Kakta you will help the child,If it is not ready to look at the world at it eyesTry to think mind to which this world is new.Try to remember that time when the veil was thin And you could feel something invisible.It is your divinity about which you forgot,Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONAnd to remember it it is possible, only having seen divinity of the child.When you realize that God loves you,Your gift will be faultless.From this that you imagined somethinYet does not follow that it is not true.There is no difference between your vision of reality And the reality.

Rattat! Purpose

After the child will learn to listen to sounds of subjects attentively, suggest to listen blindly and to guess, what subject sounded.It is possible to make a sound behind a screen or behind the back of the child, and that listens and then shows a subject a sound source.First adult and child agree, what subjects will be used in game, further it is possible to use any subjects in a room to manipulate them, publishing sounds.In it is useful for this game to change from time to time roles.Rattat! Purpose development of acoustical attention.Equipment table, doll and other toys.

There learn

So I learned to listen to feelings and needs of these kids.By means of intuition I without effort reacted to mental messages of children, and they made excellent progress in study.Later I registered in classes in meditation and clairvoyance at extrasensory perception Institute in Berkeley IEB.IEB was based in by Lewis Bostvik as some kind of shelter or the reserve for people with ekstrasensorny abilities.There learn to perfect and use the unusual talents.To me explained that each of us has a personal power space, or aura, and everyone should care of maintenance of this space in purity.

The winter

And my father, and at you, and my mother this it is so frequentmeeting in children's disputes the give rise tel rather polemic formula, and sometimes and tragichny protection of illusion in which you want to trust, but nachiyou ache to doubt.Wait a moment, here I will tell to the father.Very much I your father am afraid.And the truth, my father is terrible only for me.Egocentric I would call and the look of the child on those isthe kushchy moment on absence of experience the child livesone present.The game postponed for week ceases reality.The winter seems a tale in the summer.Leaving a cake for tomorrow, the child renounces it'necessarily.

Such development

The child needs to be accustomed to it.Gradually children will change, get used to each other, will learn to understand one another, – and so will grow together.Such development is programmed in all mankind.It is not necessary to change and create it any universal or casual group.It everything very much confuses the small person, does not give possibility to be sure, develop.– What to do, if one child well and easily manages to enter in another's image, and another hesitates, and it is difficult to it to overcome it – Near capable companions the child will learn.

The syllable

Vasya's efficiency appeared fantastic.From the very beginnin with summer Vasinogo of age, our occupations proceeded not less than two with a half of hours, and all this time, it is possible to tell, with blood and then watering each sound, we worked, worked, worked.A lesson every time stopped I, Vasya was capable to be engaged as much again.Sometimes I gave up It is fine, Vasya, we will wait.The syllable at us does not turn out yet.Let's undertake for it later, after a while.On the following lesson, meeting me at the entrance door, all that time that I undressed in a lobby, Vasya showed me as he struggles with a bewitched syllable .

During two researches

After in New York forbade to use in a school food synthetic dyes and seasonings, at all schools of the city unprecedented growth of progress was registered.During two researches of aggression and violence among prisoners it was revealed considerable from to % reduction of violence and violations, and also suicide attempts in prisons after excluded sugar and synthetic seasonings from a diet of prisoners.It is not necessary to think that a little bit some food dye will not damage to my child.In one research checked, how one cake with food dye influences behavior of the child only.

When some of pupils

Other scientist, Richard Carlton, found out that application of food additives with vitamins and minerals considerably improves progress and behavior of children.Carlton reports Some children for the first year of the vitaminized food mastered the program on reading and the literature, calculated on threefive years, and all children from classes for the lagging behind passed in usual, having shown thus good progress.When some of pupils who were observed by Carlton, ceased to take vitamins and minerals, their progress again went on recession.Besides, Carlton noted that, accepting the food additives enriched with vitamins and minerals, children became more sociable and is more cheerful.

A feather

Why Because he starts to look for it in the illusory territory, in the imagination country that is called in a twilight zone.Without helping our children to learn truth, we create to ourselves and them a source of problems.To train the child it is necessary not on tales, and on parables and games where inventions are not represented by reality.A feather begin to treat children to fables, leave in their diet only the truth.Any lie is rapped out in subconsciousness, vstraiva in the internal program also perverts outlook on life.

Hormonal changes

All blood leaves down, and on brain activity there are no forces.Hormonal changes lead to development of genitals, mammary glands increase.All organism prepares for conception.To study in such condition it is very heavy.Having got used to be the best, it is better than boys, girls start to worry because boys began to overtake obviously them on many disciplines.To compete there is everything heavier, stir hormones and a developing female organism.Girls obviously lose in study.Teachers, watching progress in a class, start to demand from girls of former successes, humiliate, offend and even offend them.


Dear parents, remember, what image of the man and the woman remained in your memory from your yearsFrom to yearsThis time of puberty is accompanied by hormonal instability.Sexuality and authority are called into question.Personal crisis.The gray substance of a brain gets denser, especially in frontal lobes the area of a brain which is responsible for plannin control over emotions and reasonings.Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON Teenagers of years have peculiar to the left hemisphere of adults no possibility of an identification of the image by calculation of only a significant sign without the analysis of all other properties.

All people

itself We should give the chance to each person to see ourselves absolutely from the different parties, to fly into a rage, estimate ourselves objectively and to agree that it can be in absolutely different forms, both he, and others.All people should learn to be accepted the different yesterday it such, and today – Wad Dra gy.It is very important to acquire that the perception of the world depends on me from my mood, from my development.And it can be absolutely different.

Training to readin

Carefully prepare training materialsalso do it in advance.If to you and your child it is uninterestinstop occupations.Probably, you somethingdo incorrectly.Reading and mathematics from the cradleTo reading Daman considered training as one of the majortasks.Having learned to read, the kid becomes free,it is not so limited by that know and giveto it parents.Training to readin mathematics and other general educationalto disciplines is under construction in Glenn's systemDaman by a uniform principle.During the day to the childquickly show cards of a certain sizewith the whole words and offers, pointsfrom one indefinitely, images of animals,planets, historical figures, etc.

Jumps on to sofa. Wriggles. Her hands

Not simply

Be not greedy, from again and again.Not simply so Frederick Skinner,the wellknown behavioural psychologist, writes that only on the lozhitelny incentives going from an environment, will help rebenka to be corrected and again to behave After anythe correct action it is necessary for child to feel thatthe environment appreciates it.We have no real idea of what znachithe telny role is played by an environment lives of the child and vzrosravines too.And after all in an initial stage we, parents,we make the main part of an environment of our children.Pravilno having used so successful confluence being telstvo, we will manage to pass this difficult together with the childway piece, having made it remarkable preparation and osnohowl the correct relation to all further life.

If to take

Applehappens green, yellow, red or white with ruddysideways.Therefore in order to avoid confusion artistssolved let subjects and animals will beblackandwhite, and what color real camelor other animals, let everyone solves.Such black drawing on a white background callsilhouette.If to take a hand in the brightly shinedto windowpane or to consider it against light,it is easily possible to see its dark silhouette.The word silhouette appeared nearly years ago by name the Frenchman who cut out different figuresfrom paper also gave them to acquaintances.Silhouettes allwere pleasant, because so it was possible to do portraitspeople in a profile.

The speech

Ability to hear, distinguish aurally sounds of speech does not arise by itself, even if the child has a good physical nonverbal hearing.This ability it is necessary to develop from first years of life.The speech hearing develops from infancy the kid early distinguishes a voice of mother from voices of other people, catches intonation speeches.Babble of the child active manifestation of emergence actually phonemic hearin after all the child attentively listens and repeats sounds native language.Formation of phonemic hearing especially intensively occurs in the first years of life of the child.

Long stay in loneliness

The child can actively start to protest, when you try to take away from it a toy.He can be capricious or revolt, if you chide it or forbid to make something.If something was pleasant to the kid, the radiant smile can light up his face.Long stay in loneliness deduces the child from an equilibrium state, and he starts to cry.Moods of members of the family are very strongly reflected in a condition of the child.If the brother or the sister of the kid are in bad mood, and the kid will be gloomy.If the child sees crying of other kid, he too can start to break into tears! It seems to you, what the child lags behind in development Development of children occurs in steps.

Thus, hypothetically

% stopped on the first option.Thus, hypothetically these people from seemed from additional $ a year only to keep overweight over In my opinion, the essence is clear we want to enjoy not simply, but to enjoy more than others.So desire of pleasures and hundred the progress engine.Without it eternal call we hardly would get out of caves.However in the present quality the desire to enjoy at the expense of others pushes us to edge about mouths.The family cell comes nearer to this edge also.growing desires alienated us by nature.

It is necessary

The future, love, the homeland, god, respect, a duty allthese concepts which have hardened in words are born, live,grow, change, get stronger, weaken, being something otherduring every period of life.It is necessary to make over itself bigeffort not to mix a heap of sand, which childcalls the mountain, with snow top of the Alps.Who will ponderin soul of words used by people, at that time will be erased Nice between the child, the young man and the adult, the ignoramusand thinker; before it the person intellekwill appeartualny irrespective of age, a class, level obrazovaniye and cultures, a bein in limits pain shy or smaller experience.

The way to children's heart

if parents in perception rea benka remain above, in an inaccessible height, on an inaccessible floor, it causes in it internal resistance.The way to children's heart passes through equal relationship in a family when all of us respect each other, we hear the friend Wad Dra hectare.Thus, certainly, parents are more skilled, and consequently to their councils it is necessary to listen – not on coercion, and on love.We still will talk on this subject.Only conversation as equals will really affect on rea benka.

He would continue

Breaking nothing and without creating anything new, we should inform our educational system to each person if it is a question of society, it is necessary special state about gram which would be reduced to that any person on the workplace would receive every day from the employer hour of time for viewing and participation in such program in operating time.He would continue to get the same wages, but hour of time would be obliged to be engaged.It is joint viewing of telecasts on a workplace when people from one or several departments gather in one room.We a trance liruy to them a certain psychological program.They see group, to tory shows them an example of interaction and the analysis concrete the conflict ny situations.


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